Counter Strike Federation

PB AK47 Sopmod System + Shaders in 4 Selection

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Gold and Batik Texture for HD Kriss S.V

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Texture :

Default Models and all resource :

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Kriss Super Vector in HD Texture + Shaders effects

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H&K G36C PB in CS V.1.5 (Fixed hands)


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Real PB G36C + Shaders V.1.4

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L115A1 Fixed

L115A1 Fix Draw Anime:

L115A1 G. Fix Draw Anime:

Dual Kriss PB Origin

Dual Kriss S. V:
Dual Kriss S. V G:
Dual Kriss S. V B:
Dual Kriss S. V Batik:
Kriss S. V

Kriss S. V Black

Kriss S. V Batik

Kriss S. V G

Sorry, Hands Texture Credits was missing :(