Counter Strike Federation

Kriss S. V Final

Kriss S. V Real Point Blank


  Download link: Mediafire

Point Blank ScoreBoard

Point Blank ScoreBoard v1.0 Bug Version


Link: Mediafire

Special thanks:
Ubay De Francesco

New March Mega Update

G3AR Ext and M16A4 F.C Beta Preview :

CSO Echanced Weapons retext Preview (Limited Screenshoot) :

Packs Include :

- CSO Echanced weapons "BMP" texture Packs Part 1 (Compare the texture with the old CSO Models if u want know the different)
- Fixed CSF Mods Models
- M16A4 F.C Beta
- G3AR Ext Beta
- New CSF Mods Realistics Weapons Shoot Sounds
- CSF Arctic and GB SAS Echance retext

G3 and M16 CSF Admin Special thanks :

-  KeenHide
-  Tony
-  Fe Ar
-  Etc

Real G3 and M16 Models :

-  Fallschirmjager
-  Pete
-  m24socom
-  Millenia
-  Twinke Masta
-  Stoke
-  Mullet
-  Obsolete
-  Wong Ching Ku
-  Fub
-  Etc.



L115A1 Point Blank Animation

New fresh L115A1 animation


Preview: -

Link: Mediafire